Update on Calculating the National Breeders Championship Results for 2012

In 2012, more than 620 unique breeders or partnerships entered birds in one loft races participating in the National Breeders Championship.

Here are the winners of the National Breeders Championship:

First Place this year, was Nanez Family Loft

Second Place this year, was Jiang Feng

Third Place this year, was DBJ Loft

This year's winners in the National Breeders Championship High Roller's Competition are:

First Place this year, was Jiang Feng

Second Place this year, was Sandstrom Brothers

Third Place this year, was DBJ Loft

Quite a few of you flew in three or more of the race series, but you entered your birds in these race series with different names or partnerships and as such we do not combine entries with different team names. For example, Ganus Mike, Ganus Debbie, and Ganus Family Loft are treated as three different teams and results are not combined. You might want to consider that for 2013, when entering your teams.

I also realize that in my attempt to help several small one loft race series or series sponsored by a club or combine, that I selected series that either did not attract participation, or failed to finish their series or lost many of the birds and you were not able to use those entries for the National Breeder Championship. I will do better this year and in coming years to work with established races with good track records.

New Races added for 2013

We are pleased to announce that the following race series will be added to our list of participating One Loft Races, for 2013

Gold Country Challenge

The Hoosier Classic

San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown

Flamingo International Challenge

The Gold Country Challenge, was one of our original race series but they took a year off in 2012, but they are back this year and we are pleased to have them as a participating One Loft Race.